12 Wo/12{f} - Marina Go

Diese Woche werfen wir einen Blick nach Australien und möchten euch Marina Go vorstellen. Marina ist aktuell "non-executive director" von verschiedenen Unternehmen wie z.B. Energy Australia, der Autosports Group und dem PwC's Diversity Advisory Board. Darüber hinaus ist sie Autorin des Buches: "20 Success Strategies for Female Leaders".

Sie hat im vergangenen Monat einen spannenden Kommentar zum Thema: "Why Sports Needs More Female Leaders" geschrieben, den wir gerne mit euch teilen möchten.

Marina spricht in ihrem Kommentar viele Punkte an, die auf die Sportbranche in Deutschland übertragbar sind oder die wir selbst so auch in Deutschland wahrnehmen. Beispielsweise:

  • Diversity is now expected. The call for more female leaders in sport has been relatively consistent for the past decade but it is only in recent times, with a number of high-profile sportsmen behaving badly, that the drums are starting to beat loudly.

  • The challenge almost always falls to the woman on the board to care about and try to resolve in some meaningful fashion. In order for diversity to become a real part of the plan it needs to be embedded in the strategy and owned by the men on the board too. The executive team needs to be measured against diversity goals and rewarded for achievement in this area.

  • I don’t just believe that every sports board needs a female director, I am in the ‘more than one’ camp because two of more can at least share the diversity load and also ensure that both are included in decision-making committees etc by calling out any exclusion of the other.

  • Women on sports boards and in leadership roles change the tone around the board table because most men are better behaved in a business setting when women are around.

  • Sport can still be about winning with more women leaders involved. We want to win as much as the men around us. We want to win with integrity while building towards a sustainable future for the sports organisations that we love. We want the men and women in our teams to adhere to community standards and expectations so that parents are happy for them to be role models and idols for their children. When women are involved in decision-making, there is increased pressure to remove those whose behaviours and values are in conflict with their chosen sport – even if they are the best player in the game. And those tough decisions will ultimately be a win for everyone who supports and loves sport.

Hier den gesamten Artikel lesen: https://womensagenda.com.au/latest/marina-go-why-sport-needs-more-female-leaders/